When was the last time you did something without worrying about the pain first?

You spend all your time trying to figure out how to work around the agony in your neck, back, & joints.......  RIGHT?

You're NOT alone 

31 Million Americans suffer every day with low back pain!

52 Million adults endure severe arthritis Pain!

Now there is Real Help!


Tauchlor Transdermal Cream tackles your worst pain, powered by a New SCIENTIFIC FORMULA* that's not available in stores.

  Just rub some in (once or twice) during the day - let it work overnight, and you can wake up virtually pain free! 

And the relief lasts - days, even weeks at a time!

That's right!

Imagine what you can do with ALL those Pain-Free Days!

Take your best friends for a nice long walk again?

Pick up your favorite hobby?

or,  just enjoy doing stuff around the house!

* The formula for Tauchlor was developed by a biochemist (Dr. D) in the early 1980s, because of it's amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. (He was working with Taurine, a natural amino acid found in the body because of it's amazing properties!)   Dr. D's discovery caught the attention of a renound Cancer Institute, and was placed in their library - but when they discovered just how effective the formula really was, they decided to shelve it rather than risk derailing certain other products already in the pharmaceutical pipeline (products supposed to 'manage' a disease process (not cure it) so the medical industry could enjoy long term predictable profits). This enraged Dr. D who wanted to attack the problem head-on. He refused to let them 'deep-six' his formula, and kept it secret until it could be re-engineered into something for the public directly!   Now - you get the benefits - a gentle cream that delivers power packed pain relief transdermally (it's absorbed right through the skin)!  Ideal for anybody struggling with arthritis, bursitis, old injuries, as well as chronic neck and back problems.


Jamie T.  (Great Falls, MT)

" I started hurting in my neck after a car accident. After about a year, it was like the pain took over my life.  Now, I put Tauchlor on once or twice in the day, then go to bed and the pain is just gone in the morning.  Depending on the weather, the relief lasts for days - once it lasted a wek before I had to use more.  Finally I don't spend all day thinking about the pain. I can just do stuff like I used to! "

Alex L.  (Naples FL)

"Its absolutely amazing. I’m 66 years old and I have always been very active. I tried almost every other pain relief cream and they didn't help.  My buddy at work told me about Tauchlor and now I won't do without it.  My back pain doesn't slow me down anymore."

LaQuanda S.  (Midvale, ID)

" Sleep was impossible because of the pain even taking a ridiculous amount of meds.  After using Tauchlor for about a week, I started to sleep through the night!  It was like a miracle."




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